Brush Strokes Podcast

Brush Strokes Episode 68 - Brian Braudis

Episode 68

Brian Braudis, executive coach and best selling author, talks about why leadership and empathy will be required habits in the new landscape.

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Episode 67

World Renowned author, Martin Lindstrom, discusses the underlying conditions of the antiseptic culture we are operating in and why the COVID-19 pandemic is a wake

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Brush Strokes - Episode 65 - Thales Teixeira

Episode 65

Thales Teixeira, author of Unlocking the Customer Value Chain, blows us away with insight on where innovation and disruption occur. He also validates the aversion

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Brush Strokes Podcast - Episode 64 - Dr. Wayne Baker

Episode 64

Dr. Wayne Baker, author of “All You have to Do is Ask,” provides the secret to a culture of collaboration.

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Episode 62

Kevin Groome, Founder of CampaignDrive by Pica9, talks about the Phantom of Certainty, hitchhiking to his success, and how user experience is misconstrued.

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Episode 61

Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters and Chairman of Masters in Branding, chimes in about selling creativity, print’s viability, and David Lee Roth’s advice.

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