Brush Strokes Podcast

Brush Strokes | Episode 76 - Lee Vinsel & Andre Russell

Episode 76

Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell, authors of “The Innovation Delusion,” talk about how innovation is the hottest buzzword in business but that its benefits have

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Brush Strokes | Episode 75- Michael Canic

Episode 75

A timely conversation with Dr. Michael Canic, author of “Ruthless Consistency,” about leadership, commitment and everything else it takes to turn strategy into reality.

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Brush Strokes | Episode 73 - Thayer Long

Episode 73

Thayer Long discusses COVID’s impact on manufacturers, suppliers and printers and what that means for the future.

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Episode 72

Jermey Gutsche, CEO of Trendhunter, talks about his new book and explains how we can all create the future through tactics for disruptive thinking.

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Episode 70

Our good friend and author of “Unlocking the Customer Value Chain,” Thales Teixeira, returns with some of his discoveries amidst the crisis. A must listen!

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Brush Strokes Episode 69 - Nicholas Scibetta

Episode 69

Nicholas Scibetta shares a heartfelt story of how his school is rising up and finding the best version of themselves. A great lesson for all

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Brush Strokes Episode 68 - Brian Braudis

Episode 68

Brian Braudis, executive coach and best selling author, talks about why leadership and empathy will be required habits in the new landscape.

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