Episode 83

Jules VanSant, Partner at Bubble & Hatch provides some perspective on what matters most to an agency and how they have coped with adversity.

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Episode 81

Aspire For Inc. president and founder, Bill Farquharson, asks “How’s business?”. Listen as Bill shares some great selling concepts and reminds us to attend America’s

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Episode 80

Jim Cunningham, President of Graphic Media Alliance and the leader of America’s Print Show (americasprintshow22.com) discusses the “why” around this exciting new show taking place

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Episode 79

Jerry Rollins is an ex-hockey player who fought to stay in the game. He then fought his way to the top of the business world.

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Brush Strokes | Episode 77 - Martin Lindstrom

Episode 78

He’s back! Our good friend Martin Lindstrom talks about his new book, “The Ministry of Common Sense,” fear of the unknown, and chickens. It’s a

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Brush Strokes | Episode 77 - Michelle Seiler Tucker

Episode 77

Michelle Seiler Tucker, author of “Exit Rich,” drops some knowledge about how to get our minds right and how to sell your business for big

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Brush Strokes | Episode 76 - Lee Vinsel & Andre Russell

Episode 76

Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell, authors of “The Innovation Delusion,” talk about how innovation is the hottest buzzword in business but that its benefits have

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Brush Strokes | Episode 75- Michael Canic

Episode 75

A timely conversation with Dr. Michael Canic, author of “Ruthless Consistency,” about leadership, commitment and everything else it takes to turn strategy into reality.

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