Brush Strokes Epiosde #90 with Mike Kaput

Episode 90

Mike Kaput, the Chief Content Officer at the Marketing AI Institute and a distinguished keynote speaker at the upcoming PrintSmart Summit, shares his expert advice and

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Episode 89

Travis Mlakar, President of Millcraft Paper, reminds us that relationships still matter more than anything and that print is the best way to stand out

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Brush Strokes - Episode 88 - Derek Chew

Episode 88

Derek Chew, CEO/Founder of Fullmoon Digital, says that “Just because you can automate, doesn’t mean you should.” Listen to him discuss how to humanize AI

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Brush Strokes - Episode 87 - David Dennis

Episode 87

David Dennis, Author of “Gameness – Fall on Your Feet and Not Your Feelings,” shares his inspiring message about success.

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Brush Strokes - Episode 86 - Adam Silk

Episode 86

Adam Silk, President and CEO of Digital Print Solutions (DPS) shares his enthusiasm for print in the digital landscape and why he is bullish on

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Episode 84

Gary C. Laney, author of “The Power of Strategic Influence,” shares insight on how to make a difference in life, have positive influence over people,

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