Phenomenal or Forgotten

As you may or may not know, 10 years ago I launched CANVAS. I stepped out of the corporate world and decided to use a printed magazine to connect with the industry that I love. People looked at me like I was nuts. But I figured if you pursue meaning, happiness will follow.

Today, it still means a great deal to produce the kind of content that inspires people and communities. We’re dedicated to generating content that matters in a form that you adore. Over time, we must all adapt. But that doesn’t mean altering the commitment we make to others. When our relationships have depth, the products and services we offer will come easily.

So, after 10 years of serving our industry’s best and brightest, we think we know a few things about what makes them tick. They still love print and, in particular, CANVAS.

Therefore, our flagship printed magazine will continue to anchor our efforts to motivate the graphic arts industry. In addition, our readership craves greater access to stimulating CANVAS content that they can consume in multiple vehicles.

As a birthday celebration, we’ve decided to launch a new campaign that not only delivers more thought provoking stories, but in multiple platforms. The idea is that we all need to read more. We need a little boost every once in awhile. But it’s not always easy to find the time.

We’ve eliminated our digital magazine and have launched both CFO (CANVAS Features Online) and “Brush Strokes – a podcast powered by CANVAS.” We will alternate sending these out each week, which not only changes up the vehicle, but offers an optimal way to quickly digest some of the most inspiring things our industry has ever heard of.

Finally, we’re really excited to offer the MSP Buyer’s Guide online. Our app gained so much popularity that we figured it was time to add it to the site – the hottest products and services at your fingertips in a way that allows you to choose them when your needs arise.

And get this – we have produced more than 100 issues of CANVAS. We endured and thrived through a terrible recession. We’ve done more than we could have ever imagined.

But that pales in comparison to the people we have met. In the end, nothing really matters in this world without the pursuit of meaning and supporting others. As the hip-hop motivational speaker Eric Thomas once said, “Be phenomenal or be forgotten.”

We plan on being phenomenal.

Welcome to the next 10 years.