• The Why

    During a recent webinar, “How to Succeed in the Era of Human-to-Human,” a panel of marketing professionals spearheaded by platform firm Sendoso, discussed the need for B2B customer-facing teams to create personalized, consumer-like experiences. Still reeling from nearly two years of virtual and digital fatigue brought on by an unprecedented global pandemic, the panelists shared […]

    Michael J. Pallerino February 1, 2022
  • Your customer knows best

    Sometimes we just know what is best for our customers, like a mother knows what is best for her child. Or do we? Too often, we try to sell our clients what we think they should buy. Granted, we often have more expertise about the products and services that are available or work the best. […]

    Dr. Cindy McGovern January 12, 2021
  • Stop worrying about your end-of-the-year print goals

    Does your company have an end-of-the-year target? Most printing companies set a goal they aspire to hit. Some are more realistic than others. The business is often relentlessly focused on achieving the figure that has been set. At the end of the year comes celebration if the goal is met or even exceeded. Or there […]

    Matthew Parker December 7, 2020
  • 4 behaviors to infuse your culture with trust—and fast

    Trust is a concept most companies tout as one of their core values. The word trust sounds good at the annual employee retreat; it looks great on a plaque and it seems like a no-brainer when you read it on the back of a brochure. In reality, it’s often just a B.S. buzzword. Oh sure, […]

    Amy K December 1, 2020