Reimagination Readiness (Part I)

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While changes in the sales landscape have been particularly dramatic over the last couple of years, the buying landscape has seen some big changes for a good while now. The pandemic simply has accelerated the pace of change. Manny Cuevas is VP of Almaden Global, which specializes in B2B marketing and supply chain services. Today, […]

Stop worrying about your end-of-the-year print goals

CANVAS | Stop worrying about your end-of-the-year print goals

Does your company have an end-of-the-year target? Most printing companies set a goal they aspire to hit. Some are more realistic than others. The business is often relentlessly focused on achieving the figure that has been set. At the end of the year comes celebration if the goal is met or even exceeded. Or there […]

Staying top of mind for your customers?

CANVAS | Staying top of mind for your customers?

There is so much marketing noise these days. So, how do you succeed in staying in the minds of your prospects and customers when there is so much competition? Despite the fact that everyone is trying to grab my attention, there are certain people and companies that I want to stay connected with. What makes […]

Why it’s time to stop selling print on social media

Few sales people want to sell print to everyone. If you’re happy to have anyone as a customer, you need to refine your sales approach—and fast. There are a lot of people like you. Search for the term “print sales” on LinkedIn and you’ll find that there are more than 9,500 other people who use […]