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October 2016
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Episode 4 – Being vulnerable and pushing through the tough stuff: Justin Ahrens

Justin Ahrens talks about engaging with clients, pushing through tough times, and scotch.

Song credit: David Szesztay – Smiling Cars

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True Colors: Selling through authenticity


It’s a question the firm often hears from leads: “Why is designing a logo so expensive?”

For Alyssa Young, director of digital marketing at Graphic D-Signs Inc., a Washington, N.J.-based advertising agency, it would’ve been easy to answer that oft-heard question with an old-school sales presentation for prospective clients, complete with charts, graphs, spreadsheets, facts and figures and other sales hooks.

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The Art of Consistency: Alignment within an organization enhances the brand


“Consistency is found in that work whose whole and detail are suitable to the occasion. It arises from circumstance, custom and nature.” – Vitruvius

In their book, “The Art of Consistent Management,” authors Pin Arboledas and José Ramón wrote that companies wanting to survive today’s ever-changing business climate must obey three related laws. The first is to achieve minimum levels for effectiveness and efficiency. The second is to know that the degree of effectiveness may decrease if efficiency increases. The third, and perhaps most critical, is to understand that the way to increase effectiveness and efficiency together is through consistency.

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Stylin’ & Profilin’: Tips to maximize Your LinkedIn Account


True story. One of my daily habits is to look at updates from my connections on LinkedIn. Not too long ago, I saw an announcement from a designer letting her network know she had taken a new job.

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Stories in the Dark: Brands increase content efforts despite lack of immediate return


When the online mattress company Amerisleep asked for help with its content marketing in 2014, Brian Honigman could have rolled his eyes and winced. After all, the purpose of a good mattress is to put people to sleep, and that’s the last thing the company wanted to do on its blog.

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Canvas Notes

Flip The Script


I had the pleasure of listening to a gentleman from The Economist yesterday on the economic climate and our industry overall. As you may have deduced, the numbers are not what I call robust. In fact, he says in 2019 that we may well find ourselves in a recession.

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Episode 3 – Avoiding the commoditization of your business: Terry Marks

Terry Marks sheds some light on how to create value for your clients.

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Beat The Clock: Tips for better managing your time


Time. Ask today’s printing professionals what they could use more of, and you’ll most likely get that answer in every instance. In the frantic pace of the digital age, where customer to-do lists play out like a game of “Beat the Clock,” time is something everyone seems to be short on now.

Remember when we thought technology would help create more leisure time? Here’s the challenge – Figure out how to make the most of your waking moments, and things may be far more productive.

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Episode 2 – A New Mindset for Printers: Jake Walker

Jake Walker discusses a new way of thinking for the printing industry.

Song credit: David Szesztay – Smiling Cars

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Episode 1 – Sales, mergers and marketing: Dean Petrulakis

Dean Petrulakis discusses the changes ahead for Fuse, a print and marketing service provider in Chicago, IL.

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